Some Psychologists Just Said Your Selfie Probably Makes You A Terrible Person

MarketWatch reports that two new studies indicate that people who post more selfies on social media are likely to have the dark triad of character traits: narcissism, Machiavellianism, and psychopathy.

3 Comments We Imagine Readers Would Post If The Above Sentence Was A Status Update

1. “I’d love to find out which of my friends are narcissists, but I put them all on ‘less information about’ these people! I’m going to undo that as soon as I finish checking out how awesome my profile looks.”

2. “Hey, they didn’t say they were good at being Machiavellian, unless a good Machiavellian plan is taking 100 lame photos of your self making the same face.”

3. “Psychopaths post selfies, you say? That explains why the same people never ‘like’ anyone else’s status updates, since they have no empathy.”

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