Young People Only Pretending To Use Smart Phones To Avoid Talking To You Or Looking At You

The Street reports that a recent poll indicates that 47% of young adults 18 to 29 pretend to use their smart phone to avoid having to make eye contact with people or talk to people in places like elevators.

3 Questions That Arise From This Story

1. Can’t these people really find something to do on one of the countless apps on their phone? Seriously, you’re too cool to talk to the person in the elevator, but don’t have hundreds of tweets and social media pics to view from your real friends?  Maybe you need to make some real friends in elevators.

2. Does your elevator get reception? Pretty certain that many elevator travelers have been in that elevator many times and know the answer. (Hint: if it doesn’t you look even sillier.) You might as well just bring the iPhone box into the elevator and tap on that.

3. What could possibly go wrong? (Other than screen-watchers getting off the wrong floor or falling down elevator shafts because they’re preoccupied and not very good at riding elevators).

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  1. The lost the ability to interact face to face with real people. Basically they are digital zombies.


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