3 New Names We Propose For Caesars’ Casinos In Wake Of Financial Troubles

Bloomberg reports that Caesars Entertainment Corp., owner of casino brands including Caesars Palace and Harrah’s may be “paving the way” for a “possible” “mid-January bankruptcy.” We suggest the following names for Caesars’ casinos.

1. Seizers. (This one is kind of appropriate if someone is seizing your assets. You’re welcome, accounting nerds.)

2. Planet Hollywood. (Oh wait, this is the name of an actual Casear’s Entertainment Corp. casino, and not just a restaurant chain that has a history of bankruptcy.)

3. Last Hurrah’s. (An appropriate name if they have to close any of the numerous casinos operating under the Harrah’s brand according to their web site. Especially “Harrah’s Metropolis,” which under the “Local Attractions at Harrah’s Metropolis” part of the site, lists the Museum of the American Quilter’s Society as an attraction. This begs the question: what metropolis and century is this destination trying to be?”)

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