Fox Reporter Claims To Have Been “Pinched” In Haunted House

Fox 43 reports that a house in Hanover, Pennsylvania is haunted!

Here’s the video… where you can see the reporter claim to have been “pinched” by some mysterious source, while the cameraman claims to have been “scratched” by some high-temperature mystery force.

The home’s owner claims that the spirit in the house probably didn’t like the fact that the Fox crew were exposing its story. Ghost must be more of an MSNBC type free-spirit.

3 Questions That Arise From This Story

1. If the spirit doesn’t like it when people expose its story, then wouldn’t it just make this whole article that we are writing disappear? Oh wait, that actually happened, when Firefox crashed and deleted the entire draft from the WordPress draft folder. Coincidence? Or technological glitch? If it’s not a coincidence, thanks random spirit for giving us an additional question, even though you wasted our time retyping the rest of this.

2. Reporters from a Fox News affiliate want us to believe in ghosts now? Regrettably, that’s not the most ridiculous thing Fox News has asked its viewers to believe.

3. Isn’t this similar to the Criss Angel Mindfreak random-person-in-the-street-claiming-to-feel-something-stinging-them-on-Las-Vegas-Boulevard trick? Clearly, that must mean Mr. Angel is using ghosts for the trick, and also that what happens in Vegas, really does stay in Vegas for eternity in the form of ghosts.  Which is five days too many to stay in Vegas, if you ask us.

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