High School Kids Like Beats Better Than World Wide Web

The Atlantic reports that a survey indicates that web sites are not popular among high school kids.  Specifically, kids go to apps these days, with Pandora and even each Beats receiving more daily users than web sites.

3 Possible Explanations For This Phenomena

1. High school kids would rather listen to music, then click on web sites promising “This Cute Cat Will Change Your Life,” due to experience that cats only negatively change lives of people allergic to cats, whereas even the worst Nickelback song probably won’t cause a rash.*

2. High school kids fear getting “beats” by Dr. Dre for frowning on his service in a survey instead of mocking the Huffington Post, because, come on, what could really happen in the latter circumstance?

3. High school kids recognize that the web is full of lazy, poorly-written content, whereas people have only begun posting this kind of unloved information within apps.

*Unless performed live, after picking up lead singer Chad Kroeger, in which case you take your chances!

Not The Worst News Humbly Thanks All Readers For Allowing This Site To Reach Its Two Year Anniversary For Consecutive Comedic News Based Blog Posts.  Will we end this streak tomorrow? Bookmark us to find out if we deleted this site to make a new app that high school kids would rather read.

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