Nuns Allegedly Not Neighborly To Neighboring Strip Club

Yahoo reports that a Chicago-area convent has sued a strip club for disturbing the convent’s nuns with loud, pulsating music, flashing neon and strobe lights, and a parking lot often containing used condoms.

The club manager had something like this to say:

“While the Bible says, ‘You shall love your neighbor as yourself,’ the manager of the club said the nuns are not being very neighbourly.”

3 Ways NunsĀ Could Be More Neighborly To A Strip Club

1. Get priest friend to open free confession booth next to club.

2. Get second priest to work confession booth to take confession from first priest after he “wanders” into the strip club.

3. Donate clothing to the workers since they seem to keep losing theirs.

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  1. I don’t think nuns should be suing anybody. That’s kind of like lawyers praying instead of going to court.


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