Fox News Told Viewers If They Wanted To Read Christie Scandal Emails They Could Find Them On Google

In early reporting on New Jersey Bridgegate, Fox News host Shepard Smith reportedly stated:

“The emails will be trouble for Governor Christie… They’re an easy Google away, if you want to take a look.”

You know, because apparently at the time, there was no way conceivable technical way to quote these on the air like CNN, or post them on the Fox News web site.

3 Questions That Arise From This Story

1. Why is a media outlet suggesting people go get their “news” from other media? We can only guess, but we bet Jon Stewart would have something funny to say about this, so you should stop reading this humor site immediately and go straight to

2. What exactly is a “hard Google” for a typical Fox News viewer? As we wrote days ago, many Americans do not own desktop computers or smartphones, so a “hard Google” might involve going to the library and asking the librarian to teach you how to use the internet, which they are totally not going to do since the internet has been hurting the library industrial complex since the 1990s!

3. How many Fox News viewers bothered to take an easy Google look at the emails? In this era where all cable news outlets seem to feature Snuggie commercials suggesting that blankets are such a hassle, we’re guessing “easy Google searches” may seem like even more work than finding the remote and changing the channel.

Not The Worst News: An Easy Google Search Away If You Search For “Not The Worst News”

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