Month: November 2012

Skydiving cats.

CNN reports people are angry after a Swedish insurance company commercial featured skydiving cats. “As if anyone would buy insurance so their cats could skydive,” we thought, knowing for that reason and only that reason the ad must be fake…. Read More ›

American Retailers Plan To Open On Thanksgiving For Black “Friday”

CNBC reports that retailers including Sears and Wal-mart will open on U.S. Thanksgiving, with Wal-Mart opening at 8 pm. 3 Better Names For Black Friday 1. The “Hey-We-Know-It’s-Thursday-But-It’s-Friday-In-China-Where-These-Items-Were-Probably-Made” Sale 2. The-Holiday-Formally-Known-As-Thanksgiving-But-Now-Known-As-“Putting-Sales-Price-Stickers-On-Blu-Ray-Players-Instead-Of-Spending-Time-With-Your-Family-Day” 3. National Unload Blu-Ray Players And Other Technology Made… Read More ›